the surfacer (the_surfacer) wrote in t_g_c,
the surfacer

You're probably sick of seeing me by now, but technical difficulties happen.

Hi, I'm Cynthia, a university friend of lit_girl, and I'd like very much to join you. You can find examples of my work at my website and some other works in hall_of_images. That journal, unlike the_surfacer, is friends-only, but I friended lit_girl, phasma_aphanes, fountaingirl, and solelo there.

I love to be around creative people and be inspired by their energies and productivity, and I also enjoy being able to participate in the process of revision for others' work as well as my own. My main medium is fantasy (which is most of what appears on hall_of_images), but I also write poetry and mainstream short fiction, with occasional dabbling in creative nonfiction/memoir-type work, and I expect that most of what I'll bring to the table here will be from the latter three categories.

On the personal front, I'm 22, bisexual, newly and happily married, living the immigrant's life in Canada, an Aquarius, and a Dog in the Chinese zodiac, but you could have gotten all that from my LJ userinfo, so instead, one telling detail. For Halloween this year I'm dressing up as Madame Sosostris from The Waste Land, since I've just started learning to read my "wicked pack of cards."
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