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Hello, to those who know me and those who don't.
Having just recently figured out how to accept invitations (thanks lit_girl!), I joined this community.
Is there something I need to do to be considered for membership?
I don't do much creative writing, but when I do, it seems to go well. I have most recently written and published a short work of creative non-fiction about the time I spent on strike with the Teamsters Union, when I worked for UPS unloading trucks overnight. It was read aloud at a university event, then I was asked for read it for a local radio arts program. That led to it's being used in a creative writing class, which I've been asked to guest lecture for a day.
So I suppose I'll start with some questions. Have the creative writers here taught form? I don't consider myself a creative writer, and have nothing to offer by way of form, history, or development of the genre. I can talk about what I did in this piece, but I feel that's a little too mundane: yes, these are the places I revised, this is why, I toyed with this ending, etc.
I write very little, and usually only when asked. (This piece was asked for by a friend who heard part of the story during a conversation and enjoyed it.) I am currently thinking about writing a one-act play about the worst first date I've been on, which is a favorite story of mine that my colleagues love to hear.
Sorry to babble, but I just got finished with some work, and have baked cookies to relax with the Angels game.
I would certainly appreciate the chance to run some writing by the members here, and may even ask for some advice on academic work, though I am leery about sharing that right now. But I wouldn't mind the chance to talk with others who work with language with patience and respect.
Thanks to all for the consideration, and for the invite.
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