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Hello, to those who know me and those who don't.
Having just recently figured out how to accept invitations (thanks lit_girl!), I joined this community.
Is there something I need to do to be considered for membership?
I don't do much creative writing, but when I do, it seems to go well. I have most recently written and published a short work of creative non-fiction about the time I spent on strike with the Teamsters Union, when I worked for UPS unloading trucks overnight. It was read aloud at a university event, then I was asked for read it for a local radio arts program. That led to it's being used in a creative writing class, which I've been asked to guest lecture for a day.
So I suppose I'll start with some questions. Have the creative writers here taught form? I don't consider myself a creative writer, and have nothing to offer by way of form, history, or development of the genre. I can talk about what I did in this piece, but I feel that's a little too mundane: yes, these are the places I revised, this is why, I toyed with this ending, etc.
I write very little, and usually only when asked. (This piece was asked for by a friend who heard part of the story during a conversation and enjoyed it.) I am currently thinking about writing a one-act play about the worst first date I've been on, which is a favorite story of mine that my colleagues love to hear.
Sorry to babble, but I just got finished with some work, and have baked cookies to relax with the Angels game.
I would certainly appreciate the chance to run some writing by the members here, and may even ask for some advice on academic work, though I am leery about sharing that right now. But I wouldn't mind the chance to talk with others who work with language with patience and respect.
Thanks to all for the consideration, and for the invite.
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Thanks for checking out our strange little microcosm. A bit of history: Fountaingirl started TGC when our college social circle broke. The nuclear members have been scattered around the country and I alone remain in our home town. (Well, college town, anyway.) TGC was then moved to an adjunct forum of Wily Griffin, since we (Gryph667 and myself) have the capacity to do the forum without pop-ups. Anyway, TGC has also branched into LJ (I think fountaingirl is to blame again). Anyway, all the nuclear members are writers, varying in notoriety, etc. Since, we've been picking up more interested souls here and there. I think we're ALL pretty darn nifty, but I'm the blacksheep of the crowd. I'm short on notoriety, just notorious. :)

As for the spirit of TGC, it's ideally a soundingboard for writers and following the custom of civilized behavior, pretty much anything goes. The others could give you more concise answers I'm sure. Script writing huh? Sounds really interesting. Gryph667 is in theater and has pretty much done it all. We also have some amazing academics and brilliant people here. Hope you enjoy your experiences with us.

Do you love coffee? As far as I know, that's the other commonality. That and an appreciation for sarcasm and biting wit.

Anyway, welcome aboard.
Now I'm the black sheep, as I don't drink coffee, and never have.
I do have a fair amount of wit, so I hope I can use it here.
NO COFFEE??!!! How do you WRITE??!! Sorry, but I can't imagine embarking on a creative venture without a pot of super strong Columbian or Ehtiopian.

'S Ok. ;)

Sorry, but it'll take more than a java deficiency to roust this ol troublemaker from her office of blacksheep. ;>

Kudos for trying, tho.
Actually there are I think three folk on here who are no-coffee people. toxins is also a no coffee person.

I on the other hand am surviving on coffee, as my beloved nemesis nicotine is gone. *le sigh*

So how come you did not call this morning? Or this afternoon? I missed you babe!

Talk tomorrow? I am staying up less late these days, I have to, it helps me not smoke. Stupid, I know, but if I am alone in this house and the only one awake and there are cigarettes (and there are, mom still smokes, she just finished one two feet from me) it is like dragging myself over razor blades not to smoke one...
Did call. No answer :( Went to the pride festival/parade with the smalls. it was a really good experience. I'll try and call you today.
Oh, and I need to know where you found that T for the small. Several members of this comm are either pregnant or have recently spawned, and I know of at least one larval punk who already has tiny chuck taylors but no rad punk t-shirt yet and that is just wrong.

Girl I am dying here I want to smoke so bad. If you were here I would be sitting in your lap while you smoked just to get the secondhand buzz.

Actually, that's not MY small. I found it on the net for a kids' punk/goth boutique, which appears to have come off line. I hpoe it's temporary, since I fell in LOVE with this shirt. Also, they had the coolest little black button up witch boots.

I could renew my search for punk kid clothes...

I want so badly to score a Tank Girl tee for the small.
Glad you figured out how to join.

I assume things are quiet around here right now since so many of us are academics (profs or students or both if grad students) and it is midterm time for many of us.

Since you were one of the folks given an invite when this started out, you don't have to do anything to be considered for membership. You're just in. In the future, prospective members will be nominated or will ask for membership and we will put it to the comm to find out if there are any objections; one objection = no invite sent.